What are the Best UK Based Alternatives to Shopify?

UK Alternative to Shopify

It is hard to argue that Shopify is the king when it comes to ecommerce platforms! But just because they are the biggest doesn’t mean that they are the best option for your business and if you are based here in the UK and feeling a little patriotic, there are some great solutions based here in blighty!

Below are the three ecommerce platforms based here in the UK that I think are the best alternatives to Shopify for building an online shop.

Alternative Number 1: ShopWired 

ShopWired Homepage

ShopWired are one of the Uk’s leading ecommerce providers and have built a solid reputation for having quick, reliable and well designed websites.

  • High Performance – hosted on Amazon’s super fast AWS means that performance is not an issue. AWS is also very reliable and ShopWired have an average uptime of 99.99% which is super impressive. You also benefit from a built in Content Delivery Network (CDN) which means images will always load quickly for your customers.
  • Security – PCI DSS level 1 secured hosting environment, a requirement for many payment processors.
  • Support – fast, responsive and knowledgeable support staff, can be seen by their 9.2/10 trustpilot rating.
  • Free Trial – 14 day free trial with no commitment to buy. If you do decide to go with ShopWired, there rolling monthly contract means no long term commitments.
  • Design – good selection of purpose built themes, many of which are free to use. Some paid themes also available and the option to have bespoke theme built for you.

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Alternative Number 2: EKM

EKM Homepage

EKM, formerly known as EKMpowershop are arguably the largest UK based ecommerce platform, especially if you go buy the amount of reviews they have on trustpilot, more than 1000 more than ShopWired and Bluepark combined.

  • Account Manager – with EKM you get your own dedicated account manager, which is always useful when you need to speak to someone quickly
  • Design– EKM has a large selection of ready to go themes that you can also customise to fit your brand. All are mobile responsive, which is a must for modern day ecommerce
  • Payments – All major payment providers supported, making it easier for you to get paid.
  • Hosting – fast and secure hosting, PCI DSS compliant servers mean that your payments are more secure and reduce fraud risks.
  • Free Trial – As a partner of EKM, I get to offer you a 28 day free trial rather than the standard 14 day free trial to test out the platform. No commitment to buy and if you do, you go onto a rolling monthly contract with no long term commitments.

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Option Number 3: Bluepark

BluePark Homepage

Having been in business since 2004, Bluepark are one of the most established ecommerce providers here in the UK and you can test out their platform free for 14 days.

  • Feature Rich – there are not many ecommerce features that Bluepark doesn’t have and nearly all of them are customizable so that they can fit your business.
  • B2B – If your business sells to other businesses, then you can easily configure Bluepark so that your site is just business to business.
  • Multi-channel – if you sell on ebay, you can integrate your site with ebay so that you can manage all of your stock, product listings and orders from your Bluepark dashboard. You can also list your items on Google shopping
  • Secure Servers – PCI DSS compliant servers provide you with a secure environment to run your site. Also a requirement for many payment processors.
  • Support – UK support team who are there to help whenever you have an issue or question about your site. Supported by their 9/10 rating on trustpilot.

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Wrapping Up

All three of these companies offer an excellent UK based alternative to Shopify and honestly there is not much to choose between the three. The best thing to do is take advantage of their free trials and have a good play around with the platform as you will probably find that you prefer one over the others. I have compared the three platforms mentioned in this post, to read that post simply click the image below.

EKM vs ShopWired vs Bluepark Comparing the UK's Best Ecommerce Platofrms
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