How to Start an Online Shop with EKM

For this How To Guide, I am going to be taking you through all the steps to get your online store up and running with EKM. I will even include a couple of bonus steps as well!

I have also written a more in-depth post for anyone just starting out in ecommerce, check it out – How to Start an Online Shop – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Now before I get into the post, I want to let you know that this post does contain affiliate links which means that if you click one of the links and purchase their service then I receive a referral commission.

Start your Free EKM Trial

Before you can do anything, you need to sign up to the EKM platform and if you want the 28 day trial as seen in the picture below instead of the standard 14 days, then you need to use one of the links on this page as it is a bonus I get to give you guys as I am an EKM partner. EKM Free 28 Day Trial

EKM 28 Day Free Trial

Now the next stage of the sign up process is a little different to most other platforms as EKM do ask you to give your payment details and select which plan you would like before setting up your trial. Now while this may seem unusual, they don’t take any payments from you until you upgrade your trial to a full plan.

Initial Setup Wizard

Before you actually get into your dashboard, EKM offer you an initial setup wizard where they ask you two questions to help tweak your dashboard so it suits your industry better.

The first question asks you what stage you are currently at with your business.

EKM Setup Wizard Part 1

The second question asks you what type of products you sell and as you can see, they have quite a few different industries covered. EKM will then install an industry appropriate theme to get you started.

EKM Wizard Setup Part 2

Dashboard Setup Guide

Once you get through to your dashboard, EKM offer you a setup guide to take you through all the important steps to get your online store up and running.

EKM Dashboard Setup

Step 1: Naming Your Shop

The first step in getting your new online store setup is to name it but also on this page is where you put all of your businesses contact information such as address, phone number and email address. You can also select your trading country, timezone and enter your company VAT information if you are VAT registered.

EKM Setup Business Name and Information

Step 2: Adding Products

EKM do things a little differently when it comes to adding products. Rather than having their own designated product area, they are added under the Shop section of the admin area. Under the Shop section, you can also manage some design elements for your theme.

To add products or create a category, navigate to the Shop section and in the top right hand area (circled in red) where you have the two options.

EKM Create Inventory

When you click the Add Category button and you will get a pop-up window appear. You have four sections where you can add the basic information, images, create sub-categories and add product filters. Once you have added all the information you want, simply click save and you will have add a new category.

EKM Add Category

When you click the Add Product button, you get another pop-up window but this one has far more options than the category one. The basic information includes product name, description and the price with images and variations configurable on the next two tabs.

EKM Add New Product

Under the more options drop down menu, you can customise the product far more by adding attributes, options such as gift wrapping and product specific delivery charges.

Step 3: Customise the Design

There are two main areas where you can customise the design of your online store. The first is in the Shop section where you can change some content elements directly on the theme but there is also a Design section. This is where you can change the layout of the homepage by removing unwanted sections. You can also change your logo, theme colours and inject custom code.

EKM Customise Theme

You can also edit some of the elements of the product and category pages as well as the checkout.

Step 4: Add a Delivery Method

The next step is to create a delivery method. You can create multiple delivery methods and you can make these country specific, which is great if you are/or sell internationally.

EKM Delivery Methods

You can also add specific rules which can be location, price or weight specific. This means you can have a lot of control over you businesses delivery options.

Step 5: Add a Payment Method

The fifth step to setting up your online store is to add a payment method.

EKM Payment Methods

With EKM, you can select a variety of different payment methods and as you can see, they do promote Klarna and Stripe as they have created partnership deals for EKM customers. You can select the other options from the drop down menus. To add a payment method, simply click the Add Method button and you will be taken to a screen where you can setup your selected method.

Step 6: Setup Domain Name

The final step of the EKM setup guide is to configure your domain name. You have the option to either use your own domain name or purchase one through EKM.

EKM Domain Names

Whichever option you choose, EKM have created a step by step system to get your domain name all setup so that you can make your new online store live.

Before you go live, I would strongly suggest going through your settings as there are lots of options in there that you want to get setup correctly before you start bringing in sales.

Bonus Step: Setup Website Pages

Before you start selling, you want to make sure that all of your websites pages are setup correctly. Especially your privacy policy and terms and conditions.

EKM Website Pages

To access your web pages in the EKM admin area, you want to go the design section and then click on webpages in the top right hand corner. You will then see a selection of default pages which you can edit as well as adding your own pages.

To help you out EKM have included sample documentation for the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, which you can edit so that it works for your business.

Bonus Step: Features

Even though the EKM platform is loaded with features out of the box, you can add functionality to your by installing some of their optional features. Features can easily be installed in one click and just as easily be uninstalled. The majority of these features are available on every package, however some are only available on advanced packages.

EKM Features

One features that I would definitely install is the advanced inventory manager as it makes managing your products so much easier. It is worth looking through all the features and seeing which ones you think could be beneficial to your business.

Wrapping Up

So there you go, a step by step guide to setting up an online store with EKM. If you do get stuck when you are setting up your store, EKM have got you covered with excellent documentation backed up by top notch support in the form of online chat or over the phone.

Just another quick point, if you want to know more about the platform then check out my full EKM Review.

Before taking your website live, it is always worth doing a few test orders to make sure that everything is working properly to help avoid any problems when your customers start buying.

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