Welcome to The Haywood Life

My name is Paul Haywood, the guy behind the website. I created The Haywood Life website to help others who are looking to either start a new online jewellery business or want to get their current business online. Whether you want to sell jewellery online, start a blog or create a business website, I have written guides that are full of hints and tips that I have gained since starting my own online business adventure back in 2012. You can read more on my about me page.

Selling Online

From online marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy to creating your own Online Retail Store with Shopify or EKM, there are many different ways to start selling jewellery online. In my posts I look at all kinds of things, from starting out to choosing the right software to marketing your online business.

Business Websites

A website is an important marketing tool to get new customers for your business but you don't have to sell online if you don't want to. Instead you can build a website that shows people the services you offer or examples of previous work you have done and my posts will help you get started!


So you want a website where you can share your love of jewellery? Then creating a blog could be perfect for you, writing articles about your favourite jewellery is not only a creative outlet but can also be profitable when done right, check out my posts to get you started on your blogging journey!